10 Solar Gadgets – Green Gifts for the Holidays

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Do you have any Peachy Green ideas for gifts?

I really cannot believe that the holidays are here!  After the last wrapper of Halloween candy is tossed away in the garbage can, its time to start thinking about gifts for the holidays.  Here at Peachy Green, we’ve been brainstorming and doing some of the work for you.  You see, Christmas trees are green, and getting environmentally-friendly gifts is just peachy.  So come and celebrate a Peachy Green holiday season with us.

In the first in our “Green Gifts for the Holidays” series, check out these 10 solar gadgets:

1.  Multi-Function Digital Mobile Solar Charger – For only $69, you can get a single charger for many various devices (digital cameras, PSP, Nokia cell phones, Sony Ericsson Fast Port, and Mini USB (HTC, Motorola cell phones, MP3, MP4, and Dopod) that does not rely on finding an electric plug.  Fitted with small solar panels, you can recharge the battery in just 2-3 hours of sunlight exposure.  An excellent green gift idea for outdoorspeople (campers, hikers, fishers, scouts).

2. Solar Powered Charge Case for iPhone - Your iPhone (classic or 3G) owning friends and family will love this inexpensive gift (less than $50) which will not only recharges their device, but also protect it from scratches by a leather case.  Solar panels on the outside of the case recharge the lithium battery when exposed to sunlight.  Never worry about finding a suitable plug again.iqua vizor incar 300x173 10 Solar Gadgets   Green Gifts for the Holidays

3.  Iqua Visor Sun - For about $90, you can place the Iqua Visor Sun on the on the visor of your vehicle (pointing out toward the sunlight).  The device will convert energy from sunlight shining into your car into battery juice, allowing you up to 20 hours of talk time on your cell phone, and hopefully the ability to toss your mains socket.

4.  Solar Power Necktie (Dad will love it) – the ultimate in geeky green gifts for the holidays!

solar powered necktie 300x150 10 Solar Gadgets   Green Gifts for the Holidays

Solar Powered Necktie

Check out the cool pattern on the necktie that disguises its true function – a recharger for cell phones and other gadgets.  The tie is made from photovoltaic fabric that can convert energy from the sun into electrical current.  Shocking, don’t you think?  What a great way to tell the man in your life that he is the best thing under the sun.

5.  Solar Lanterns - another super green gift for the holidays if you are shopping for people who enjoy the great outdoors!  The lantern includes an AM/FM radio and will provide 7-10 hours of light on a single charge.  A solar panel unfolds from the back to allow recharging during the day.  A bright, sunny price of only $12 makes the solar lantern ideal for many people on your list.

6. Solar Powered Plant Pot - If you still have lava lamps in your bedroom, you may want to line your driveway with these psychedelic glowing plant pots.  Here, the captured solar energy does not make your plant grow or go – it makes the pot glow!  Pick either white ($39), or the color-changing version ($45) and watch your garden light up at night.

7.  Solar Powered House Numbers - Worried about the police or fire department being able to find your house in the event of an emergency?  Sidewalk curb numbers can fade over time.  But the solar powered house numbers are a great idea to provide extra security and safety.  They will stay on for 8-10 hours after being recharged by UV light during the day.  This green gift for the holidays is only $20 per number.

8.  Solar Powered Automower – This gift is so peachy, we’ve already raved about it here at Peachy Green!  Solar panels on the top of this lawnmower provide the power.  You can sit back and relax with a book and a cold drink.  Check out the video:

comfort 2027 81789371 10 Solar Gadgets   Green Gifts for the Holidays9.  Solar Keyhole Light - This solar gadget is another super idea for those that want to give green gifts for the holidays.  At only $13, you or Santa can afford to light up a number of homes for a very cheap price.  Simply push the top part of the unit and a solar-powered LED light comes on to help you see the keyhold and door handle.  It sure helps if you are trying to get in after dark!  My parents definitely need one of these!  Every time I go to visit, the lights seem to be off and I can figure out which key will get me inside.  Guess what they’ll be getting in their stockings?

10.  Solar Powered Cordless Fan - Can’t decide among these 10 solar gadgets to give a green gift for the holidays?  The solar powered cordless fan may be your best bet – it combines the cooling properties of a cordless fan (powered by UV light) and also includes a lantern, a clock, and can recharge your cell phone and MP3 player.  Yes, it is a bit pricey at $60, but considering the amount of electricity an ordinary fan uses to operate, you’ll save money in the long run!  Talk about green!

We hope this list will help jump start your shopping for green gifts for the holidays this season.  To get you in the holiday spirit, we thought we’d “recycle” a popular song and video:

I can’t decide if I am excited for, or dreading the holiday season….

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  1. Michelle says:

    LOVE the solar keyhole light! And what a GREAT price!!??

    I found a great gift set for the cook in MY life @ http://www.sustainablesourcing.com/

    The HimalaSalt and Organic Peppercorns are packaged in 100% recycled, refillable, and reusable grinders and containers. They are nested in a locally produced box, made of wood that is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, with excelsior from a sustainable tree program in the Rockies. The kit is wrapped in clear EarthFirst PLA, the only 100% certified compostable corn shrink wrap. With packaging like this, there’s nothing to throw away. An important part of their company philosophy is to leave the lightest footprint. By creating the highest quality natural products and doing no harm in the process, they are reinforcing their commitment to a cleaner planet.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi Michelle – I agree! I really must get one of the solar keyhole lights (actually 2 – one for me and one for my parents). Thank you for the link to sustainablesourcing.com. We will be continuing our green gifts for the holiday season in the coming months and the products look Peachy Green to me. I appreciate the comment!


  3. Nathan Parry says:

    Very nice list of “green” Christmas Gifts.

    I Was a little disappointed to not find Solar Ovens on the list of green gifts.

    I will admit that I have a vested interest in solar cookers, due to the fact that I use them all the time and I teach a class on solar cooking at our local community education program through the local college.

    What better gift than one that can keep on giving even after the holidays, and they are reasonably priced too.


    Nathan Parry


  4. Stephanie says:

    Hi Nathan, thank you for stopping by. This is just the first in our series of green gifts for the holidays. I love the idea of highlighting solar ovens too. I will link to your website and offer our reader lots of information. Thanks again for your idea! I agree that gifts that have a lasting usefulness and are gentle to the environment are the best to give – and receive!

    Cheers, Stephanie

  5. Frank says:

    Found a really cool Top Solar Gifts and Gadgets page at http://www.earthtechproducts.com for the holidays. Great Solar Chargers and a great selection.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Hi Frank – thanks for the top solar gifts and gadgets tips! I am working on a follow up green gifts for the holiday post.

    Best, Stephanie

  7. I love the solar power case for the iphone. I might get one of those. When are we going to see the phones themselves with solar panels in though?

  8. Stephanie says:

    Good question! I’m going to guess – pretty soon. Green is in these days and manufacturers are coming up with new products to tap into that market.

  9. We have a few of the solar powered lanterns, they are very good but tend not to be able to withstand alot of wear and tear. I was wondering about the solar key light, if it was pretty durable. Also, our door is kind of shaded so I have the concern that it won’t have enough sunlight to recharge.

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