Install a Home Wind Turbine

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Looking for a way to save on monthly utility bills and also help the environment?  Why not install a home wind turbine?

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Install a Home Wind Turbine

There are a number of makes and models on the market these days.  Many of them are quite affordable and simple to install for do-it-yourselfers.  Whether you want to snag a few kilowatt hours from the wind, or power your entire home, there are options available right now.

In short, wind power is available to the masses.

Also known as “micro wind turbines,” entrepreneurs and developers have recently unveiled some slick models.  For example, the “Jellyfish” is a mere $400, but its cool factor will turn heads like the turbines in a breeze, while saving you money.  How does 80% off your electric bill sound?  Its possible… or even more… when you install a home wind turbine.

And, in case you were not aware just how “green” you can be when using wind energy, consider that a switch to the renewable resource can save tons of CO2 emissions, SO2 (a source of acid rain), and NOx.  Not to mention thousands of barrels of oil, tons of coal and/or cubic feet of gas.

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Micro wind turbine to power your life

There are about four primary considerations before you install a home wind turbine:

1.  Renewable energy tax credits/incentives.  These will impact the overall cost to you, as well as your return on investment.  In the U.S., both state and federal programs exist, so check the range of programs.  Be sure to ask a retailer if you have specific questions.  If they cannot help, find one that can.

2.  Wind speed.  Many wind turbine designs require relatively brisk winds at regular intervals for the most effective energy production.  There are some models that will work at lower wind speeds, however.  But they tend to be larger and more expensive.  Do your research and shop around.  Often times, manufacturers will include instructions as to how to measure wind speed.  If you are buying online, you can find tools to use before a purchase.

3.  Zoning and/or HOA restrictions.  Property laws may disallow installations like wind turbines, depending on your location.  Check your local government code, as well as Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CCRs) before investing.  Get all approvals and/or permits before you install a home wind turbine.

4.  Local conditions.  Obstructions to wind flow (think trees, topography and surrounding structures) may impact your ability to use this renewable energy resource.  Be sure to carefully study your property, and site a home wind turbine where it will be exposed to optimal wind speeds.

Of course, another consideration is cost, but you don’t have to buy pre-fabricated turbines.  There are many websites and videos that show you how to create homemade wind turbines:

Sure, you can build your own home wind turbine with materials from a hardware store, but you may want to consider the small additional cost of purchasing a micro wind turbine as the cost of your time and energy.  The bottom line is that it depends on how you like to spend your weekends!  The details of a home wind turbine installation will depend heavily on your specific circumstances – from energy usage, local land use regulations and environmental factors including wind speed and obstructions.

In the end, whether you should install a home wind turbine is question only you can answer.  I would still wager that, for many, the investment is one that will pay off both financially and in a feel-good, environmentally-responsible sense in short measure!

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