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A Home Wind Generator

Looking for a cheap renewable energy option to provide free electricity to your home?  How about a home wind generator?  There are many models that can fit your circumstances, budget and more.  You can stay hooked up to the grid, or you can go or remain off-grid, if you live in a rural area.  Wind power is a great way to relieve yourself of monthly electricity bills – provided you have a good location!

You may wonder whether home wind generators are affordable.  These days, there are a number of federal and state renewable energy tax credits available to help offset the installation costs.  Wind energy to power your home may be much more affordable than you think!

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Interested in a home wind generator?

What is involved with powering your home with wind generators?

First, in most cases, it is ideal to have both utility-provided power, and alternative energy from the home wind generator. Unlike solar panels, there are no batteries in which the extra energy can be stored.  During still periods, you’ll be drawing energy from the grid.  Fortunately, with some of the new “smart grid” configurations, you’ll be able to sell back excess energy to the utility, during extra windy times.

Second, you should have realistic expectations.  For most home generations, a wind turbine can lower your utility bill anywhere between 50 and 90 percent.  How does a monthly bill of $10-15 a month sound?  This could be even less if you don’t run A/C over summer months.  Just don’t expect wind energy to completely replace your utility bills… though that may come in the future!

Third, you should consider what kind and size of home wind generator to install.  Consider this:  most average homes require about 9,400 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity each year.  If you install a home wind generator that can produce 5-15 kilowatts of energy, you will be largely able to meet the demand.

Finally, your property should be well-suited for a home wind generator.  Room in which to install the turbine may require ownership of 1/2 acre or more.  Wind speeds should average 10 mph.  If you live in a homeowners association, there may be restrictions on outdoor installations. Double-check before you invest!

Most residential wind turbines are located in the Northeast and the Midwest.  But even in the Pacific Northwest (in which I live), wind power is becoming a huge alternative energy option for homeowners!  Micro-turbines are sprouting up everywhere.

If you are a true, green consumer, then the question of home wind generators is almost a non-starter, provided you get some good breezes where you live.  They produce zero pollution.  And, by using these devices, you can offset at least 200 tons of greenhouse gases per wind turbine over its lifetime.

Have you considered a home wind generator?  Please share your experiences below!

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