Tweens Go Green

Green kids — By Amy on September 12, 2008 at 11:19 am

Is your tween green? If you are a parent of a tween, you may soon be getting a lecture about energy conservation. My soon to be 9-year-old already keeps a watchful eye over our recycling activities and will be ready to take up the new cause of energy efficiency in our home. Can tweens go green and make a difference? I think so. My daughter is certain she can change the world. It seems the US Department of Energy (DOE) may agree with us.

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In an effort to educate and promote energy conservation in tweens (ages 8-12) the US DOE launched a new series of PSA’s entitled “What’s Your Excuse?” They illustrate simple ways to help tweens go green by making small changes in energy consumption.

Younger children won’t be left out of this green kids campaign. A second series will soon be launched aimed at kids (ages 7-8) and will feature popular Disney characters.
Green kids and green tweens? You bet! Look out parents…no one knows how to get an adult to change their ways like a kid on a mission.

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