What’s Your Greenprint?

Going green — By Amy on December 9, 2008 at 9:00 am
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What's your greenprint?

I was shocked when the results of a carbon calculator claimed I had a carbon footprint the size of Big Foot. It seems I’m ranked higher than the average American (normally a good thing) when I thought I was doing a least a few things right. From here on I will refer to carbon calculators as Guilt Calculators.

As if knowing my horrendous carbon footprint wasn’t enough motivation, Greenprint allows us to take our analysis just a bit deeper.

Have you given much thought to the impact you have on the planet? Do you know what your personal contribution is?

We are all guilty. They question just becomes, how guilty are you? Greenprint is a little different than the typical carbon calculator. It looks at the little things you do to make a difference in the world. I actually scored quite well on their test. The areas where I came up short were situations where I either have not had the opportunity to make changes due to budget constraints or simply was not aware of the impact of those particular actions.

1202841467 JCI LOGO Whats Your Greenprint?The people at Johnson Controls came up with the Greenprint tool for just this reason. It’s as if they had a conversation with me and I told them about all the things I am doing to go green and reduce my footprint that are not entered into any field of a typical carbon calculator.

They take into consideration so many things and I think the results are far more accurate. I do. That’s not just because it says I’m a good girl with a feather weight greenprint. Not quite. After receiving your score you will also be given a list of changes that you can make to improve it.

“The ultimate goal of Greenprint is to accelerate the move to more sustainable living, in a fun and personally relevant way. The data collected will also give us a better understanding of the dynamics of making personal sustainability decisions. We expect the findings to highlight key areas of focus for ongoing environmental awareness and personal action.” Clay Nesler, VP Global Energy and Sustainability

So, if you have a few free minutes, take a look at the greenprint tool and get yourself evaluated. I promise it will not make you feel guilty and horrible. It’s encouraging and educational! Be sure to come back and let me know how you did.

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