The Best of Peachy Green: Our Favorites

Going green — By Amy on January 2, 2009 at 6:00 am
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We're always Peachy Green, no matter the season

Time to wrap up our Best of Peachy Green series. Today, we have put together a list of our favorite posts for you to go back and enjoy. These are the posts that Stephanie and I most enjoyed writing or are most proud of.

Stephanie’s Favorites:

Aqua-Bridge 5th Grade Invention to Clean Rivers. A post about Stephanie’s son who won a science fair competition with an invention powered by solar panels to help clean rivers and other waterways.

The Giving Tree. One of Stephanie’s favorite childhood books, filled with lessons for kids and adults of all ages. You cannot read this book (or this post) without wanting to take better care of your natural surroundings.

Delicate Coral Reefs. Alarming news about the disintegration of coral reefs all over the world as a result of too much CO2 absorbed by seas and oceans. Some estimate that up to 50% of the coral reefs have disappeared over the past century.

A Green Birthday Party. Stephanie makes some green resolutions to celebrate a milestone birthday. Her favorite part of this post is all the supportive comments!

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Peach tree blossoms hold great promise for Peachy Green in the new year!

Amy’s Favorites:

America’s Wild Horses at Risk Will the wild mustangs of the American West be forced from freedom?

11 Beautiful Sights I Didn’t See A reflection on the past and some hope for the future. On the road of life, I think I have missed quite a bit. Time to slow down and see what’s all around me.

Millennial Youth to Take Over America’s Environment? Our most viewed post to date, this takes a look at Generation WE and the expectations being put on them. Are they up for the challenge?

At Home With Local Wildlife How do you compassionately deal with local wildlife that makes it’s way into your home or is destructive to your property? I’m an animal lover, but I’m not running a B&B for all my fluffy, furry, feathery friends.

26 Tips For A Clean Green Home Clean up with out harming your indoor air quality or exposing your family to dangerous chemicals. Everything you need to know to clean your home in a safe green way.

Thanks, as always for reading Peachy Green! We can’t wait to bring you so much more in the new year!

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