Recycling Program Launched by Ziploc Plastic Baggies

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Is it just me, or do others also find it kind of ironic that one of the largest manufacturers of plastic baggies, Ziploc, has launched a recycling program to cut down on waste?

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Ziploc is helping you recycle!

Parents everywhere are probably familiar with the resealable plastic bags that can be used for sandwiches, freezing meat, or simply storing leftovers in the refrigerator.  While Ziploc plastic baggies are certainly convenient, they aren’t the greenest option (especially when there are reusable containers and storage bags on the market).  Yet Ziploc intuitively knows that not everyone is willing to give up the ease of using plastic bags in the name of going green.

Because plastics cannot be easily recycled (like cardboard, glass or aluminum), baggies often end up in landfills.  So Ziploc is looking to change that by partnering with Recyclebank to increase recycling in order to divert more than 100 million pounds of plastic bag waste from landfills over the next 2 years.

Check the grocery stores and other retail locations in your area to see if in-store recycle bins have been set up.  These receptacles will take back clean, dry Ziploc plastic baggies including sandwich, storage and freezer bags.  To date, more than 18,000 recycling bins have been set up!

But even if Recyclebank hasn’t reached your region, Ziploc is offering reward points for consumers that pledge to recycle their plastic baggies by entering the code from specially marked packages of sandwich and snack bags.  Either way, Ziploc hopes that the new recycling program will keep as much waste out of landfills as it would potentially generate through sale of its products.

What do you think about the new Ziploc/Recyclebank program?  Green or greenwashing?

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  1. Gregoire says:

    In the land of the one use throw away plastic, Ziploc is king. Dear Ziplock, focus your R&D on finding an organic plastic like material rather than creating 18 000 bins (plastic ?) that consumers will fill with more plastic, for trucks to then move to factories the junk in need of “recycling”. Cut the pollution way above all that, and find an ALTERNATIE. There lies the future. An sustainable alternative, not an ugly band-aid on a plastic leg.



    ps : apologies for the poor level of english !

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