Pick A Peck of Presidential Pumpkins

Going green — By Amy on October 10, 2008 at 10:22 am
ss palinfinal Pick A Peck of Presidential Pumpkins

It looks like Stephanie’s son was not the only one thinking of creating a Palin pumpkin!

Now you too can have your very own Sarah Palin pumpkin sitting on your front step to show your support for hockey moms and joe six-packs everywhere. BHG is offering free Palin presidential pumpkin stencils for your carving pleasure.

The stencil will guide you in creating a flawless picture of Palin on your pumpkin, but be sure to thoroughly empty all inner contents of the pumpkin head for the best, most accurate results.

I’ve heard rumors that an accessory pack including a shotgun, bloody wolf limb and lipstick will be sold seperately. Let me find out and I’ll get back to ya.

Are you sayin’ thanks, but no thanks to the Governor of Gloom?

ss bidenfinal Pick A Peck of Presidential Pumpkins

Joe Biden Smiling Presidential Pumpkin

Well doggone it, you can have your very own Joe Biden pumpkin instead. Even though he’s a little hot under the collar, this Biden never loses his cool. Washington is a scary place even in daylight, but we can feel safe and secure with Joe (not a sixpack) Biden on our side. And gosh darn it – I just love his smile! (wink)

Hoping to throw an Obamapaloosa this Halloween? Don’t fret. Obama and McCain presidential pumpkin stencils are available too.

Get your carving knives ready and download your stencils or vote for the best pumpkin head by October 29.

Do you have a favorite presidential pumpkin head?

Here’s a peak at a video created by BHG with their presidential pumpkins. It’s a little lame really, but I’m not easily amused by talking pumpkins.

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