Plastic Bag Upcycle From The DIY Diva

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Finished%20fish%20pillow thumb 304x395 239580 Plastic Bag Upcycle From The DIY DivaWe’ve talked a lot here at Peachy Green about how bad  plastic bags are for the environment and we’ve also  pushed the idea of  re-purposing and up-cycling whatever you can, but it took The DIY Diva to put both ideas together and offer a very cool, easy way to make awesome throw pillows out of an old pillowcase and a bunch of grocery store plastic bags.

Yes, indeed.  The Diva swears that smushed up  and stuffed inside a pillow case, those old plastic bags will have a new and luxurious  life as a decorative accessory.  As she points out ” what do you think fiber fill is made of anyway?”

I think she’s right, and since I have several suitable pillowcases ready to be turned into additions to the collection of throw pillows that adorns my bed, I think I just may give it a try.  It seemed so simple and such a good idea that I thought  I’d pass it on.  Here are the Diva’s oh so simple instructions direct from her original blogpost

“You will need:

  • One king-sized pillowcase (clean, of course!)
  • About 150 old plastic bags
  • #7 darning needle
  • White yarn
  • Yarn which accents the color of the pillowcase


  1. Flip the pillowcase inside out.  Once you’ve done this, you’re going to fold back the pillowcase like a pant cuff so that part of the outside pattern is on the inside. This will provide a double layer of pillowcase which will keep you from being able to see different colored plastic bags or logos when the pillow is finished.
  2. Sew the open end closed using a double thread of white yarn and a whip stitch. Sew until you are about four or five inches from the end.
  3. Turn the pillowcase inside out and bring the needle and thread to the outside of the pillowcase.
  4. Stuff the pillow with plastic bags.  It helps increase the volume of the plastic bags if you cut the handles apart and cut the ends open, but this is optional.  You want to avoid putting especially crinkely plastic bags into the pillow, because if you do you’ll get a loud and crinkely pillow when you’re done.  If you run out of plastic bags, you can supplement them with clean garbage bags.
  5. Push the bags around so they fill the corners and are even throughout the pillow.
  6. Fold the edges of the pillowcase into the inside of the pillow.  Sew the opening closed with a whipstitch.  Double knot it up and cut the yarn.”

You can check out the DIY Diva yourself.  She writes regularly on .  She has some great ideas  will answer questions , and generally help you get in touch with your inner crafter.   I like her style, her breezy simple way of doing things and the projects she comes up with that anyone–and I do mean anyone– can manage to do.  A peachygreen bouquet from me to the Diva.

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