Artist's rendering of the 2012 Olympic Stadium in LondonPerhaps crime DOES pay…. at least when confiscated knives and guns recovered by the London Metropolitan Police Department can be transformed into the 2012 Olympic Stadium!

That’s right…. some of the 52 tons of scrap metal from weapons and keys that the Department took in last year will be melted down and recycled into building components.  Architect and designer Populous will use the recycled scrap metal in the construction of the main Olympic stadium in East London’s Stratford.

With the building underway and the London 2012 Olympics just over 2 years away, let’s take a look back at previous stadium structures:

olympic stadium detail 300x294 Weapon of Choice: From Scrap Metal to Olympic Stadium

Detail of the 2012 Olympic Stadium

Construction of the 80,000 seat 2012 Olympic Stadium began in 2008, with an estimated cost of nearly £500m. Following the games, it will be converted to a 25,000 seat arena with a permanent track.

The stadium will be the site of the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as numerous athletic events.  The recycled scrap metal can be used in creating the seating, portions of a cable-supported roof (which will provide cover for 2/3 of the spectators), and internal facilities for catering and merchandising.  Eco-friendly hemp and other sustainable materials will be incorporated into a fabric curtain that will wrap around the structure to provide additional protection and shelter.

Check out the drawing to the right to see how the sustainable stadium will fit together!

The Olympics serve as a celebration of transformation and achievement.  At London 2012, we’ll be awed by the athletes, and also inspired by the taking of weapons to welding, and knives to new materials.

I’m sitting on pins and needles in anticipation!

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2 Responses to “Weapon of Choice: From Scrap Metal to Olympic Stadium”

  1. Wow – thanks for posting this Steph! I had no idea….pretty cool :D

  2. I know – awesome recycling idea!

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