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Blue Planet: Inspiring you to tread lightly

Don’t you get tired of all the debate about global climate change – whether its occurring, whether its humans’ fault, whether we can do anything about it?

I sure do.

While that won’t deter us from bringing the best news about the environment here at Peachy Green, I have to admit that it appears that some just have made up their minds.  No argument will persuade them to see the issues differently.

That’s when its time to try a different tactic.  If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then what about a video photo montage?  Particularly one that has no message other than a pure celebration of the precious gift that is our planet.

I love this nature video called “Blue Planet.”  Watch, enjoy and perhaps you’ll find yourself making small changes in your daily life to preserve and protect our island home:

Perhaps you can be a little “greener” to keep our Blue Planet sparkling and beautiful?

You don’t even have to take sides!  (by the way, we’re all on the same team….)

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