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Going green — By Stephanie on September 4, 2010 at 11:32 am
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Lovely beach on the Oregon Coast

We are spending Labor Day weekend at the Oregon Coast! My husband’s family has owned a house in Manzanita, Oregon for about 25-30 years.  The beach is lovely and relatively secluded, but only about 20 minutes south of popular Cannon Beach.

Since Thursday afternoon, my 4 kids, 2 dogs and I have been enjoying the waves, sunshine and fresh ocean air.

While we have been coming to this amazing area of the U.S. for more than 20 years, I am always amazed at the litter and trash when we are here.  Yesterday, we once again saw the uglier side of popular tourist destinations.  Cigarette butts, plastic bottles, straws and fast food wrappers strewn across the sands.   Its just disgusting!

Wildlife, as well as people and pets, are harmed by garbage that is not properly disposed of.  Animals often ingest trash, causing injury or death.  Oily residues and chemicals are washed into the ocean waters resulting in far-reaching environmental impacts.  Humans suffer injuries from stepping on glass shards or the like.

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Manzanita Beach at Sunset

There’s no need for this!

When you visit a beach, keep in mind the principles of leave no trace!  That means, leave only footprints and take only pictures.  Bring a bag to carry out trash and recyclables.  Clean up after your pet.  Make sure campfires are completely doused.

Simply stated, be considerate and help keep our beaches clean and green.   No one should know that you were on the beach or trail when you leave….

Beaches are a lovely place to visit, any time of the year.  Do your part to keep them that way.

Happy Labor Day!

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