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Going green — By on June 8, 2009 at 6:01 am
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Green Trail Use should be considered 24/7

I’m trying to get back in shape, which means Bend, Oregon is a great place to live!  The last few days, I’ve taken my workout outside the gym and next to the Deschutes River.  As a responsible citizen, I’ve observed both good and bad use of our wonderful trail system.

Here are my own “rules” for green trail use:

  • If you have a pet, make sure that it is kept on leash, unless you are within an off-leash area (this is not only for other trail-users’ safety, but also health)
  • Do not litter – this may seem pretty obvious, but I still witnessed people spitting out gum and tossing small wrappers!
  • Do not smoke along the trail – I cannot believe that I have to blog about this, but there are benches along the trail, and I jogged past people who were sitting there smoking!  Really!!  cough, cough – hack!
  • Clean up after your dog.  Yes, unfortunately, there are people that let their pets run amok, pooping along the trails and even near the river.  Ewwwww!!!!
  • Leave No Trace.  This scout motto should be posted everywhere, IMHO.  Basically, the rule is that you should take only photos and leave only footprints.  Do not pick up rocks, sticks or vegetation.  Do not leave products that you may consider to be biodegradable, like apple cores.  They may alter the ecology, believe it or not.  Carry in and carry out.

Remember and respect the trails for what they are – an extension of public parks.  They’re for the enjoyment of everyone.  Consider that the next person that walks or jogs by is a guest in your home.  Because, really… they are.

There are so many beautiful areas in the world to enjoy.  Whether you are looking to shape up, or just enjoy the great outdoors, treat Mother Nature as gently as you would a family member.

And, if you visit Bend, Oregon… be sure to look me up.  I need another companion along the Deschutes River Trail:

Who wouldn’t want to get out there each day, and keep it to green trail use?

I sure love the summer season!

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