Green Jobs Market is Growing

Going green — By Stephanie on February 1, 2009 at 7:24 am
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Green jobs help all

With a down economy, people are always looking for a safe place to invest money, and wondering where market growth may happen (if ever).  You might have read that the green jobs market is growing.  Green does flourish each and every year, when you think about the new buds on trees after the long, barren winter.  We just have to be patient.  So how can we afford to wait now?

How should we feel when we open up our 401(k) statements and find our investments cut in half?  Where is the silver lining in the dark cloud of the struggling economy?

Fortunately, green jobs are providing more than just hope with respect to pulling us out of the devastating recession.  There are some really encouraging facts for the overall economy.  New, green jobs will not only help us “go green,” but make green, as well.

Could it be that one crisis (global warming) will actually provide an answer to another (global recession)?  Just maybe.

I am encouraged after watching this video:

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Green collar jobs on the rise

I read about a company called Growing Home, Inc. the other day.  Through its founder, Isaac Wright, it offers green job training for low-income people.  As observed:

“It and he are part of the ‘green-collar economy,’ a movement toward an environmentally-sound, robust economy with a vast array of jobs, some of which are rooted in withering small towns or decimated inner cities.”

Growing Home decided that Chicago, Illinois is one of the best places to plant the seeds of a green-collar environment.  This is in part due to the city’s landscaping and job-training programs, Greencorps Chicago and its Green Business Strategy.  All of this is so impressive that Van Jones, founder of “Green for All,” recently stated:

“I just think that Chicago is the symbol of what a green-collar renaissance can look like, an inclusive, green economy that would life people from poverty.”

Jones ought to know.  He’s the author of the New York Times’ best seller, “The Green Collar Economy.”

What kind of positions can you consider if you’re looking for a green job?

  • Weatherizing/retrofitting old buildings
  • Planting/harvesting organic food
  • Installing solar panels
  • Constructing or maintaining wind turbines
  • Designing or constructing hybrid vehicles
  • Planning, planting, maintaining urban farms

Look for more news in the future as other cities and communities follow Chicago’s lead into a green collar economy.  People across the economic spectrum can discover a green job at which they may work – from laborers to lawyers.

Let’s build this economy into the green again.

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  1. Hello –

    Thanks so much for posting about Growing Home – I just wanted to clear up an innacuracy in your post –

    Isaac Wright was a participant in Growing Home’s job training program in 2008, not it’s founder. We were founded by Les Brown, who passed away in 2005.


    Rebekah Silverman
    Associate Director for Resource Development
    Growing Home

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi Rebekah,

    Thank you so much for the clarification. Sorry for the error. I’m glad you found the post about Growing Home.

    Best, Stephanie

  3. graceonline says:

    So glad to see Chicago’s Growing Home and Oakland’s Green for All getting noticed here. President Obama intends to use part of the new stimulus package to create more green jobs. There’s a link on the page for ordinary citizens to give their input. I urge you to add your views. The more we encourage the president and his staff to invest in green jobs, the better for the economy and the world. Thank you for making us aware of developments in the green job sector. Good post.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Grace – I sure hope that Obama uses part of the stimulus to create green jobs. I will visit the page and add in my views. Other readers – please do the same!


  5. What a great blog! I am so with you on the whole “green economy” issue. Though so far the grass roots movements look more promising than initiatives emerging from government, Obama and all.

    Canadian politician Stephan Dion campaigned in October 2008 on the need for a massive “Green Shift”. Alas, the good man lacks charisma and his message didn’t make it. But the idea is bang on.

    Business as usual was killing the Earth. So business comes grinding to a halt for other reasons. Sounds like a good opportunity to re-think the basis of society!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Hi Ieneke,

    I believe that it will take grass roots efforts and backing of communities to go green. It helps when the President or other leaders agree, but they cannot do it on their own.

    I appreciate the comment and compliment!


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