Go Green With Help from the Bend Green Team

Going green — By Stephanie on November 25, 2008 at 9:00 am
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Built it right with help from the Bend Green Team

Are you building or remodeling a house?  Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information and options to “go green?”  If you live in the Central Oregon area, help is but a phone call or click away!  The Bend Green Team is comprised of a group of four Bend, Oregon-based subcontractors with the expertise and ability to help create green residential and commercial projects that can be LEED-certified.

If you are so lost that you don’t even know what LEED-certified means, well, that’s okay.  In a nutshell, the United States Green Building Council developed a rating system for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  If you can get silver, gold or platinum LEED certifications for your structure, you are sitting pretty Peachy Green!

But back to the Bend Green Team.  These guys can help you get LEED certified.  Let’s watch one of their fun videos about their exciting work:

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You want one of these Leed Certification Certificates

The Bend Green Team knows the LEED certification standards.  They also know that even higher standards for green building, in the form of national accreditations, are coming.  Four members of the Bend Green Team include representatives from Atlas Smart Homes and Home Storage Solutions.  The Bend Green Team is on its way to becoming Central Oregon builders’ primary source for green products, services and information.

Let’s watch another short clip of the Bend Green Team in action, courtesy of greenteamtelevision.com:

Whether or not they get your business, the Bend Green Team just wants to inform builders and property owners about environmentally-sound building practices.  Says team member Jim Kone:

“We’re happy to share everything we know, whether a builder uses us or not.”

Now that’s a breath of clean, green fresh air!

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