Farm to Fork: A New Green Cookbook from Emeril Lagasse

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Lagasse's new Farm to Fork Book

A new green cookbook from Emeril Lagasse celebrates locally grown and organic food.  “Farm to Fork:  Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh,” includes easy-to-make recipes that will thrill even the lightest green chefs.

Its not a vegetarian cookbook, nor is it a tomb on how to live green.  But Lagasse’s new cookbook is being celebrated across the board by people that are thrilled by the healthy ingredients, ease of preparation and even the easy-to-handle size of the cookbook.

Pick up the new book at your local bookstore, or order it online.

Farm to Fork includes 152 recipes, divided into a variety of “green” groupings, including:

  • Leafy greens
  • The Three Sisters: corn, beans and squash
  • Nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and peppers)

You’ll also find recipes for meat, poultry and seafood.  The green cookbook emphasizes recipes that showcase delicious fruits and vegetables, as well as local foods.  Its a terrific road-map for eating local and eating green.

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  1. Stopped by Emeril Lagasse’s premier restaurant in New Orleans. After eating boatloads of seafood in the first few days of our visit, we wanted some beef. Although, it was a no brainer to have the seafood gumbo, anyway. It screamed, “I’m the best.” Then came the beef, which was captivatingly flavorful. The prentation an A+. His “Farm to Fork” is a must buy. Hats off to Emeril.

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