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EcoTuesday networking is happening now!

Today is EcoTuesday!  Did we just make this up?  Is it another gimmick to promote going green?  Nope!  This is a real call to all green business owners and entrepreneurs.  Networking has never been this much fun – or helpful.

EcoTuesday networking occurs across the United States on the fourth Tuesday of every month.  This is an “in-person” event, meaning that you actually have to log off your computer and show up.  But that actually makes it more fun.  Meetings will be held today in Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, and Silicon Valley.  If you live or work in one of these cities, be sure to check the “Local” page on the official website to find out where EcoTuesday will be meeting today.

EcoTuesday is nearing the end of its second, successful year.  About 100 people gather each month, in every locale.  Why not join in?

The first EcoTuesday meeting was held in San Francisco near the end of 2007:

“In January 2007, longtime friends Nikki Pava and Oren Jaffe were discussing the challenges of networking in today’s business world. The two brainstormed possibilities for an event that would provide a shared context for all participants, so that people could connect with others while learning about sustainability. EcoTuesday was born from this conversation. EcoTuesday is now held on the fourth Tuesday of each month in cities across the US.”

The format for the networking meetings is simple:  participants gather, introduce themselves briefly, listen to the featured speaker, and then the floor is opened up for Q&A.  For example, today’s program in San Francisco features best-selling author Marianne Williamson, who will talk about the connection between sustainability and spirituality.  You can attend this evening from 6:30-9:00, for the low cost of $10 (online) or $20 at the door.


Green business networking can make a world of difference

The San Francisco EcoTuesday gathering today will be held at Sir Francis Drake, 450 Powell Street.  Be sure to RSVP in advance.

If EcoTuesday has not yet been founded in your area, you don’t need to wait!  Find a like-minded friend or colleague and become EcoTuesday ambassadors.  You can launch a chapter in your own city!

I’m sure you’ll agree that green business networking can make a world of difference!

Are you personally involved with EcoTuesday?  Have you attended a networking event?  Please be sure to share your stories below.

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