Dumpster Diving For Greenies

Going green — By Amy on November 11, 2008 at 9:02 am
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Dumpster Diving...your new hobby?

First off, before you get any ideas, I have to admit that I have never taken a dive into a dumpster and it is highly unlikely that I ever will. That being said, the idea of dumpster diving is peachy green and if you want to give it a shot and save things from the landfills, please do! I will be right there to pat you on the back for your efforts (after you are well showered). You will likely find some very useful items and maybe even a few gems on the way.

A few years back I was helping a friend clean out her garage because she was getting ready to sell her home. She lived on a main road and had a dumpster within sight of the passing traffic. One sunny afternoon while we were working and watching the kids play, it started. People stopped. They looked. They very politely asked if they could help themselves to this, that and the other thing -out of the dumpster.

My friend was thrilled. She had been afraid the dumpster would be too small to fit everything they couldn’t bring to their new home. She had already sold as much as possible at multiple tag sales. Every morning she would wake up and there would be plenty of new space in her dumpster. All the things she and her family no longer had any use for was serving a purpose for someone else.

The following video from PBS‘s Build Green TV illustrates some great reasons for you to take up the sport of dumpster diving.

I’m still not convinced that this sport for me. What do you think? Have you ever taken a dumpster dive? Would you go dumpster diving if you had the opportunity?

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