Drinking Soda: Worse for the Environment than Bottled Water

Going green — By Stephanie on March 2, 2011 at 6:04 am

We all know that the greenest option for quenching your thirst is straight from the tap.  If you want to take water on the go, there are a number of reusable water bottles that can be rinsed and re-used, rather than tossed into the plastic trash (bottled water containers are rarely recycled).

dietsoda2 lead Drinking Soda: Worse for the Environment than Bottled Water

Soda can harm more than your teeth and waistline

But what about the occasional treat?  Is drinking soda really all that bad?

Putting aside the fact that soda has no nutritional value or that it contributes to childhood obesity, it turns out that drinking soda is worse for the environment than bottled water.

First of all, the ingredients in regular soda include high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), replacing real sugar years ago due to government subsidies for corn farms, pesticides, and fertilizers.  Stop buying the stuff and the demand goes down.  Better for the environment.  And, lest you think that corn (and maybe a bunch of chemicals to grow it) isn’t that bad, studies have shown that HFCS also contains mercury.  Consumption of HFCS, now being “re-branded” as corn sugar can lead to diabetes, cancer, as well as obesity.

Do you really want to be ingesting this stuff?

Second, for those that think diet soda is a better choice, think again!  Sugar substitutes have also been attacked for years as potentially carcinogenic.  Some think that ingredients like Splenda and Stevia are safer than aspartame, but their long term effects are not known.  Moreover, researchers and medical professionals have found that when people drink diet sodas their bodies react as if they are about to get some calories, but when they don’t, metabolic shifts that can lead to weight gain take place.

Third, consider the fact that soda comes in plastic bottles and aluminum cans.  While cans are often recycled, bottles are not.  The energy that it takes to produce, bottle, ship, transport and load up all the vending machines, grocery stores and fast food outlets is staggering.  Switching to water can significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

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Cut down on your recycling and waste by switching from soda

In short, soda takes fuel to truck from the bottling facilities to our stores, it relies on genetically modified (GMO) corn crops and contains carcinogenic and/or toxic ingredients, whether its “diet” or regular.  When you consider the fact that tap water is simple, healthy and free from the tap, why not go the natural route?

Your body AND the environment will thank you!

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