CleanFlame: Review of Eco-Friendly Fire Logs

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fireplace CleanFlame: Review of Eco Friendly Fire Logs

CleanFlame is an eco-friendly fire log for your home or campsite

This Christmas, my family enjoyed a new, eco-friendly fire log as we sat by the fireplace.  CleanFlame Firelog Corporation sent us three logs to test out at home this holiday season.

CleanFlame fire logs and firestarters are made of 100% recycled wax cardboard boxes that otherwise cannot be recycled.  Instead of sending these materials to the landfill (more than 1.5 million boxes end up there each year), they have been formed into clean burning logs and firestarters.

In addition to this fabulous idea to re-use waste materials, when you burn CleanFlame logs, you help minimize air quality impacts.  If you enjoy camping and other outdoor activities, bringing in real wood firewood can also introduce pests or disease to the area (which is one of the reasons you see signs urging campers to use local wood).  Why not take along CleanFlame logs instead?

We burned CleanFlame logs on 2 different occasions this holiday season.  The fire logs were easy to light, and the flame spread well – none of that annoying burning on one end issue you can face with other log products on the market!  A bright, white flame gently warmed the room – perhaps a little less heat than with real wood – but quite nice.  We were able to enjoy each CleanFlame fire log for about 2-2 1/2 hours.

You might be surprised that not only is CleanFlame the most eco-friendly fire log on the market, but its also the least expensive of other manufactured firelogs.  Consider this additional information from the website:

  • 100% recycled material that would otherwise end up in a landfill
  • 86% less Creosote than oak firewood
  • 80% less Carbon Monoxide than oak firewood
  • 50% more heat per pound than oak firewood
  • Safe for heating & cooking indoors & outdoors unlike most other firelogs
  • Lights easily in any weather with large colorful flame
  • Burns up to 3 hours
  • No melting, dripping, or sparks
  • Can be used with firewood

Would we buy CleanFlame eco-friendly fire logs for ourselves?  Most definitely!  And the good news is that you can find them all across the U.S. – just use this simple tool from the company’s website to locate retail outlets.  Recently, Safeway (Von’s) introduced CleanFlame as a “Green” product in over 1,500 stores!
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  1. Jon Parkes says:

    Hope you guys do well with this, I look forward to trying some out this summer, toasting my buns, while camping.

  2. Bill says:

    Using a Clean Flame log nearly BURNED MY HOUSE DOWN, so I feel compelled to spread the word to warn people. While I appreciate how green it is to use corrugated cardboard for your log, the issue that no reviewer seems to address is that after the log has burned for some time, the internal wax melts to the point that the log loses structural integrity and fractures.

    I have tested 3 different Clean Flame logs from different boxes to be sure, and each one has eventually shattered, spilling flaming chunks of material both inside and (more frighteningly) OUTSIDE the fireplace. If I had not been there to witness the flaming material spilling up to a foot away from my fireplace, threatening to catch other possessions on fire, it could have been disastrous.

    Even the pieces of log that remained in the fireplace were dangerous. Because it broke into so many pieces, far more of the flammable material was exposed to air than is intended at one time, and there was a lot of surface area to allow for oxygen to flow. The result was a massive, roaring fire inside the fire place that grew to the point that flames could be seen SHOOTING FROM THE TOP OF MY CHIMNEY. Needless to say, these logs are a hazard.

    The worst part is, the logs don’t even light well in the first place. Even following the directions perfectly, the wrapper alone just isn’t enough to get them started. You slave for 15 minutes trying to get the stupid thing to light, and when it finally does, it bursts and spills flaming wreckage around your house.


  3. mike says:

    Well. It is safe to say that the previous poster has an ax to grind for some reason, possibly the fact that they have not ever cleaned their chimney or have the highly recommended fire screen or doors on their fireplace. I mean really, one log shooting flames out your chimney. And who would leave their house unattended with a fire in the box?

    I have burned a whole box of these logs. No smells, no wax anywhere, no overly aggressive flames and no crumbling (so long as they are supported with a grate). Company has commented about how nice they were and how they didn’t smell or smoke. I would highly recommend these logs.

  4. Cliff says:

    These things are really hard to light..

  5. bob says:

    consumer reports should be warned about this company.Their logs do not burn correctly and despite many calls & e-mails to this company,they never bother to respond.

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