11 Beautiful Sights I Didn’t See

Going green — By on November 19, 2008 at 8:00 am
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1. A path missed in Mississippi.

We have so many choices on the road of life. We can take the high road, the low road, the road to excess, the road to progress, freedom’s road, new roads and the roads you could drive blindfolded. There are uphill climbs and slippery slopes and of course the road you never saw coming.

When we check the rear view mirror we can see with clarity what we missed and where we choose the less desirable path out of ignorance, confusion or selfishness. Sometimes I think I missed a million miles of road I should’ve seen.

Road trips are like rites of passage. You venture out on the open road not really knowing what you will see, find or be forced to deal with on your way to where you think you want to go.

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2. A little red barn in the Kentucky countryside.

The excitement is in the journey itself.

I still love a good road trip. Unfortunately, I drive way too fast, looking straight ahead at the road in front of me. I often miss the good stuff that is simply a quick turn to the left or right. I am always in a hurry it seems, to see something I imagine to be better. It usually isn’t.

The following is a list of incredible sights I missed because I was moving too fast to catch a glimpse.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Bueller

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3. Alabama: Crimson and Clover

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4. Mountains of North Carolina

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5. A missed sight in Sedona, AZ

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6. A Louisiana Swamp

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7. A gentle watefall in upstate New York

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8. Fresh snow and light in Vermont

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9. La Jolla, California

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10. Sunset at Bass Harbor, Maine

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11. A Country Road In Virginia

Over the years, I’ve learned to slow down (just a little) because it has been clear that the quiet, unexpected moments often hold the most treasured visions -whether it is a sunset over a peaceful harbor or my daughter skipping home from school.

I am learning to savor the moments and take the long way, the quiet path a little more often.

Please tread just a little lighter on our beloved planet today. Do something, no matter how small, to help preserve it’s beauty for future generations to enjoy all the many things we were too busy to see and appreciate.

Slow down, gaze in your rear view mirror. What have you missed?


  1. Michelle Arbitrio says:

    This article is great – I like it!

  2. vivian says:

    the photo of “A gentle watefall in upstate New York” is so nice. that is like painting not a real photo

  3. Amy says:

    Thanks Michelle! I know you missed a few of those sights too, on a couple of road trips with me. The inside of a NC Waffle House is one I’d like to forget… :)

    Hi Vivian – I agree. The peaceful waterfall is almost too perfect to be real!

  4. Daisy Ba-ad says:

    Hello Amy,

    What majesty! What creation! What beauty! Mother Nature is all about love. Thank you for making us stop and ask if we are doing our share in giving enough love to keep nature’s beauty intact. Well done my friend.

  5. Amy says:

    Thank you so much Daisy! So nice to see you here – thanks for reading.:)

  6. JamaGenee says:

    Great article, Amy! And so appropriate here! For it’s sights like these that we *must* preserve for our children – and for old ladies who in their own youth drove too fast to notice them. Driving a little slower now, it pains me to see cul-de-sacs of meadow mansions dotting once-bucolic rural areas, miles from the nearest city. Soon, strip malls and convenience stores will “magically” pop up nearby, and the once-open space between this area and town will be filled with more homes and more neon. I should start bringing my camera when I travel this road, to record scenes that will be gone forever in a few short years.

  7. It's not too late says:

    so long as your exploring the road of making this webpage you could be wandering some of those paths or more, maybe something out of country?

  8. Jean-Pierre says:

    nice pics…..too bad america is a dump and full of fat idiots….
    “america is ruined by americans”
    Oscar Wilde

  9. april says:

    Jean-Pierre, you’re an a-hole.
    “jean-pierre is an a-hole”

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