U.S. Buyers Want Electric Cars

Electric cars — By Stephanie on July 17, 2009 at 6:29 am
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U.S. buyers want electric cars (image courtesy of jurvetson on Flickr)

Count me in, as well!  A recent Reuters report discussed the fact that American car buyers are going green.  Either that, or they are looking to save serious cash at the gas station.

U.S. buyers want electric cars.  That’s right – in a recent poll taken when gas prices are more than $1 gallon less than last summer, 1/3 of those surveyed stated that they would consider purchasing a plug in electric hybrid (also known as an “EV,” short for electric vehicle) for their next car.

The demand is even greater in other countries worldwide:

“According to Better Place, 30 percent of U.S. car buyers are interested in buying an EV for their next car, while 57 percent were interested in Israel, 40 percent in Denmark, 39 percent in Australia, and 35 percent in the greater Toronto area of Canada.”

Long gone are the fears that electric vehicles are wimpy or inconvenient.  We can dismiss these conceptions as mere myths in light of today’s models, like the Chevy Volt, which are sleek, fast and have a considerable range on a single charge. Just look at that hot Tesla above!  Who wouldn’t want one of those?

Infrastructure to provide recharging stations is already in place in many areas across the nation, with more on the way.  Solar powered park and ride facilities, like the one in Vacaville, CA, may be coming to a parking lot near you!

Automakers have been developing electric cars for many years, although only recently have they begun seriously considering selling EVs, in part due to demand and also increasingly restrictive government gas mileage requirements.  Some, like Chevy and Ford, will be selling plug-in electric hybrids in the coming months.  Others, like Volvo, are continuing to fine tune concept electric vehicles:

While U.S. buyers want electric cars, they may have to wait until more models are on the market – either that, or travel to Isreal where marketing of EVs is hot!  For the time being, however, we’ll just have to continue to envy people like Tom Hanks who’ve been enjoying their electric ride for some time:

Of course, you could also convert your existing vehicle to an electric ride.  There are many DIY videos and kits available.  We’ll save that for another post though….

Me?  I’m going to wait until my local car dealership carries plug-in electric hybrids.

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  1. pdx1138 says:

    absolutely agree with you. I wanted a GM EV1 ever since I saw “who killed the electric car.” Some big city is testing electric Mini’s right now, I would love to have one of those.

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