Nissan LEAF Electric Cars Arrive in the U.S.

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Notwithstanding the massive Japan earthquake that devastated the country on March 11 this year, Nissan recently announced that just one week later, more than 1,500 new Nissan LEAF electric cars had either arrived in U.S. ports, or were in transit.

NissanLeaf3 500x332 Nissan LEAF Electric Cars Arrive in the U.S.

New Nissan LEAF 100% Electric Vehicles Arrive in the U.S.

The press is most excited about the arrival of “Luna Spirit,” which is one of Nissan’s vehicle carrying vessels, which docked in Long Beach, California last week.  With so many 100% electric cars about to hit the roads, the manufacturer has high hopes for the future of the Nissan LEAF.

Finally, there is some positive news for Japan in the midst of crisis this month.  The Luna Spirit left Japan less than 24 hours before the earthquake and tsunami hit the unsuspecting nation.  The ship was already at sea and was not affected by the disaster.  And, its positive news for consumers here in the U.S.  Many have been eagerly awaiting their Nissan LEAFs for months, after submitting pre-orders last year.

In total, well over 3,500 Nissan LEAFs have been sold, and the company has surpassed the 5,000 production marks.  As an aside, that makes it one of the highest volume production EVs in history!

Natural disasters aside, Nissan is working hard to deliver to its customers that have pre-ordered the new electric vehicle.  If you have not yet received your Nissan LEAF, it will be arriving soon.

In the meantime, consider making a donation to help the people in Japan recover from the March 11 earthquake at the Red Cross official website.

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  1. The Japan earthquake , really affects the country especially on its economy .. pity on the people, but we always pray for their safety.

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