Mileage Record Broken for Electric Vehicle Travel on Single Charge

Electric cars — By on June 8, 2010 at 5:21 am
EVcar Mileage Record Broken for Electric Vehicle Travel on Single Charge

623 Miles on a single charge! (photo credit Japan EV Club)

C’mon electric car naysayers!  What if we told you that it was possible to drive over 600 miles on a single charge?  That’s right.  No limited range.  No stopping to fuel up.  Quite simply, you could drive most of the length of California without ever stopping.

That’s just what the Japan Electric Vehicle Club did last month!

The group logged 1,003.184 kilometers (approximately 623 miles) in an electric car, without ever needing to stop and plug in.   It ran more than 27.5 hours continually – 17 drivers took turns at the wheel!

The feat not only broke the group’s electric car mileage record, but it has asked the Guinness World Records to certify its feat as a new milestone.

daihatsu mira japanEVclub Mileage Record Broken for Electric Vehicle Travel on Single Charge

The little (electric) car that could!

The car breaking the mileage record for electric vehicle travel on a single charge was a modified Daihatsu Mira.  The EV ran on a Sanyo lithium ion power system with more than 8,200 batteries.

Prior to the May 22-23 record-breaking trip, the group previously set the world record by traveling more than 345 miles from Tokyo to Osaka last year on a single charge.  This year’s EV mileage record was achieved by driving 1,456 times around a 689-meter track (making me dizzy just thinking about that!)

Even though the highest speed traveled was less than 29 mph, the feat is still definitely newsworthy as researchers and scientists continue to work on developing high mileage, high efficiency electric vehicles.  Using 623 miles as a significant starting point, we can now work on increasing speed without losing too much in the mileage department.

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  1. Drew says:

    I really liked the article here until I saw that this was done on a Track and the top speed was barely 29 mph!! I drive an all electric moped and a hybrid car. Neither of these vehicles goes less than 35-40 mph on any trip that I take. So, please drive the car 55 mph and see what the range would be. Then drive the car 40 mph and see what the range would be. This kind of test is what Americans want. I am so sick of hearing about or reading about electric tests or vehicles that do not go the speed limit on most roads in America. Can someone wakeup the science and R&D departments in America and Asia!! We drive fast here and we do not want to see another test or new EV that does not go a minimum of 45 mph and does not go faster than 85 mph. And the EV should have a minimum range of 85 miles with the ideal range to be 150 miles going 65 mph with 4 people in the car or 2 people on the motorcycle.

    Plain and simple, this is the EV we want. Built them to meet those goals and than we can improve the EV from there.

    I hope I made myself clear

  2. Dre says:

    Go on Drew ! I feel ya ! I’m right there with ya !

  3. Sriram Srinivas Reddy says:

    Respected sir,

    Most of people exepect the high mileage per one recharge in electric vehicle. All kind of light motor vehicles can be electric, if there is a sufficient high mileage per one recharge, even it is good for electric buses.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sriram Srinivas Reddy,

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